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About Us

Cre8tive Capital is a unique advisory consulting firm that takes a holistic approach to tech/tech enabled companies, that incorporates professional mentors, our team, and best in class service providers.

Our belief is that stable well managed companies generate revenue and revenue generates interest and interest generates investment.

Our Mission

Is to help ensure diverse emerging businesses are well-managed, stable, and adequately funded.

Our Vision

Is a growing diverse and inclusive ecosystem of emerging businesses, that have all the support and resources they need. This growth will contribute to the local and more macro economy.


Through networking Aaron was introduced to the startup ecosystem which includes VC’s.

He started to see the complete lack of diversity in this ecosystem along with the amount of wealth that was being created, upon seeing this he decided to create a vehicle for diversity and inclusion.

After studying various accelerator and incubator models, he was able to identify a need for a new business development model that didn’t incorporate the traditional monolithic one-size fits all program.

It was evident that an alternative was necessary to service the needs of certain entrepreneurs.

After researching, building a consensus, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Aaron began building Cre8tive Capital’s model which is comprised Cre8tive Capitals team and of a network of best in class professionals to serve the needs of entrepreneurs.


Our success depends on the strength of our team.

Dre Collier,

Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Dre graduated from Northwestern University with a major in Economics and a minor in Spanish as well as the University of Rochester with an MBA in Finance and Strategy and an MS in Educational Policy. Dre has a myriad of work experience spanning both private and public sector to bring to the consulting space. Dre currently works at Accenture providing advice, expertise, and leading strategy creation for fortune 100 companies.

Darryl Cheeks

CEO, Black Rhino Financial Group

In his early years Darryl started out at Arthur Andersen & Co and Abbott Laboratories as an auditor and also served as the CFO for Penticom. In 2006 Darryl started Black Rhino Financial. Black Rhino Financial has grown substantially since its inception and now serves a wide array of clients across a multitude of different industries.

Robert Johnson

Managing Partner,The Solomon Group

Robert has extensive experience providing advice and guidance to numerous senior executives, organizations and individuals, in a wide range of industries. Robert currently heads up the Solomon Group which is a global virtual Management Consulting firm that delivers practical solutions to complex problems that their business clients encounter and that exist in society.

— James Cohen —


Our Approach

We design a customized roadmap for you to follow in order to create a solid foundation for growth and funding. We oversee implementation while connecting you with the best in class service providers who help you with execution. Lastly, you are also connected with a professional mentor as well.

Intake & Assessment

A prospective company is invited to complete intake form. After intake form is received a more thorough assessment is done to derive a prioritized list of needs and opportunities.

Roadmap Designed

We then sit down with you one-one and design the customized roadmap for your emerging business to follow, in order to create a solid foundation for growth and funding.

Executed & Completed

Implementation of the roadmap is overseen by the Cre8tive Capital team.We pre-screen and connect you with the best in class service providers to help you each step of the way in its execution.In addition, after the process our capital partner(s) can connect them with additional capital as appropriate.


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