Zoe Quan
Former Tech Ops. Leader

Zoe Quan is President of Qingchu Thinking, LLC, which helps companies figure out the right problems to solve so that they can move forward. She is particularly adept at translating between the language of business and the languages of science and technology, most recently predominantly in the med-tech and health-tech spaces, and honing in on the key issues to keep focus. Her particular passion is cultivating a community more conducive to innovation and start-ups.

Zoe is familiar with telecommunications, IT, med-tech, health-tech, and bio/nanotechnology. She has had extensive business experience in Asia, Europe, and North America, including expatriate assignments in Hong Kong, France, and Canada. She has held senior leadership positions with large multinationals as well as entrepreneurial ventures, and is skilled at all aspects of product management, including strategy, product development, business plan development and execution, and responsibility. Her work has included strategy evaluation, teaching in both biotech and business, creating collaborations, advising earlier stage and transitional organizations, and serving on SBIR study panels.

Zoe holds an AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University and a PhD in Biophysics and Theoretical Biology from the University of Chicago.