5 Reasons You Need to Go to TechWeek Chicago

Techweek Chicago is this week June 19-23, 2017. It will feature CEOs of high-growth companies discussing various topics like acquiring customers, building technical teams, and raising venture capital. If you’ve never been to a tech conference or are debating whether or not you should go to one, here are the top 5 reasons are why an entrepreneur or anyone working in tech should go to a tech or industry conference.

1.     Network

Expanding your professional network is always a good idea and a tech conference is full of potential peers, clients, and employers. The people here are interested in the same things that you are and are also looking to meet industry professionals. It’s easy to strike up a conversation about where you’re working, which presentations you’ve enjoyed, and general industry trends. Here you can build a network you can rely on to bounce an idea off of or send a quick question to.

The people you meet at a tech conference can also provide you new opportunities. They could be your next business partner or the people through whom you meet a big investor. The tech industry is growing non-stop and there will always be new companies and positions that need to be filled. Companies can find fresh new talent who are eager to apply themselves and those who are looking for a new job can use this as a boost in their career. It’s also a great place to ask what it’s really like to work for a particular company. Employers are looking for go-getters who are willing to show initiative to invest in themselves and their companies. Entrepreneurs can also use this to find partners and talent for their team. Even if you’re not currently looking for a job, it’s good to network and build those connections for when you are.

2.     Learn new solutions and ideas

A tech conference is a gathering of people who are all interested and skilled in the same field and are looking to learn from each other. People are there to talk about the same issues, programs, and operating systems so it’s likely that you will find something relevant to you. This can be a platform to bounce fresh ideas off of other professionals because they are probably facing the same problems and might have already found some good solutions.

There are also presenters who are experts in their field. Pick one that seems interesting to you and attend their presentation. This is an easy way to learn about hot new tech that everyone is talking about. You could learn about libraries or packages you’ve never heard of or innovative workflow changes that could improve efficiency. Plus, many presenters will have a Q&A session where you can ask a question and gain valuable insight from an industry expert.

3.     Gain perspective

Talking to people in different companies is an easy way to learn about how they are approaching their work and finding solutions to industry problems and needs. Using this information, you can assess their strengths and weaknesses and have a better understanding of where you stand within the wider field. This can help you find new services and products you could implement in the future and potential competitors. As well as figure out what your competitors are doing and what steps you should take next.

An industry conference can also help you see where the future of the industry is going. What’re the latest and most cutting edge technologies? Where do you see the tech industry headed? You can line up the growth of your organization with the anticipated needs of the future.

4.     Stay ahead of the curve

If you’re someone who works outside of the tech industry, tech conferences are an easy way to enhance your business. In the modern age, the success of a company is increasingly dependent on their effective leverage of new technologies. A tech conference is a one-stop shop to learn about all the new technologies and techniques that are trending and developing right now. Here you can scope out new customers and markets and find goods and services you can use that you didn’t even know existed.

5.     Invest in yourself

You can learn new skills, gain new insights, meet new people, and overall educate yourself about the industry and what’s happening around you. Tech conferences are an invaluable way to do all of those things at once. So why not attend one and add value to not only your organization but also yourself.