Our Consulting Services

Cre8tive Capital is a unique advisory firm that provides various consulting services and diverse capital to help startups flourish. We specialize in analysis, strategic planning and business development.

How we Add Value to Our Clients

How we Add Value
to Our Clients


Services we provide include conducting financial modeling and valuation to demonstrate prospective viability for partnerships and investment in growth initiatives. We can also develop business insights through analyzing data of financial accounting, sales and marketing to optimize business processes.

Strategic Planning

Services we provide include structuring business model development and go-to-market strategies to optimize pricing while sustaining competitive advantage. We can ensure strategy execution and business transformation through creating strategic roadmaps and conducting performance measurements. In addition, we will monitor key performance indicators according to each company’s business.

Business Development

Services we provide include identifying market needs with competitive business intelligence through conducting white space analysis, market sizing and customer analysis. Then, we’ll build a thorough understanding of potential developments and innovations through technology evaluation, new service and product innovation. In addition, we’ll continuously exploring market adjacencies.

Explore our Bundled Services

to Maximize your Value

Discover the perfect solution for your business needs with our consulting packages. Save money and avoid the hassle of figuring out what you need by exploring our tailored options today.

Explore our Bundled Services to Maximize your Value

Discover the perfect solution for your business needs with our consulting packages. Save money and avoid the hassle of figuring out what you need by exploring our tailored options today.

Our Impact


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“Crea8tive Capital is an absolute must for any startup. It’s been great working with true experts who really know their field.”

Urbane Innovation

Urbane Innovation LLC is an Intellectual Property, Design & Strategy Company focused on exponentially increasing our partners’ market share within their targeted business verticals. Creating new paradigms for the next generation requires new skills and ways of thinking/working which traditional methods fail to capitalize on. We call it Research & Development, Adapting or Innovation…and in today’s business environment: “You either Innovate or Die.”

Matterhorn by Court Innovations

We provide key benefits, including increased access to justice, fairness, staff efficiency, faster payments, and high customer satisfaction. Matterhorn is versatile, serving diverse districts, communities, and systems. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing processes and connects with other systems. It addresses various case types, such as civil cases, family court compliance, traffic tickets, civil infractions, and lesser misdemeanors, enabling the resolution of warrants, pleas, and assessment of ability to pay.

Minority Wellness and Technology

The purpose of Minority Wellness and Technology is to narrow the wellness gap between minority and mainstream communities by understanding and improving the ability of new wellness technologies and processes to address more specifically the culture and language needs of those communities. Our efforts are to use big data and social influence theory to find out why and to find the right mix of technology and social physics to change this trajectory and save lives.



“Crea8tive Capital was extremely helpful to us. They helped us with first and second hand research and strategic planning. They were patient and very collaborative. They helped us to be more efficient and navigate our product development, etc. “

Maize Analytics

Maize Analytics, founded by Daniel Fabbri PhD, offers healthcare privacy offices software to monitor electronic medical record usage. Stemming from research at the University of Michigan, the company applies data analytics algorithms to enhance patient care while safeguarding health record privacy. Collaborating with healthcare systems and EMR merchants, Maize Analytics tailors solutions for diverse client needs, addressing privacy concerns and auditing procedures.


Local businesses, the heart of any community, often struggle against the growing dominance of online shopping. We aim to support these businesses by simplifying their marketing efforts, enabling them to emphasize authenticity, uniqueness, and exceptional customer service. Building on these values, we seek to empower shoppers with a platform that encourages buying local and strengthens community connections.



“Cre8tive Capital has been extremely helpful with refining our pitch deck. They’ve provided valuable feedback to help get us investment ready. “

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