Our Consulting Services

Cre8tive Capital is a unique advisory firm that provides various consulting services and diverse capital to help startups flourish. We specialize in analysis, strategic planning and business development. 

Picture of consulting service: analysis


Business Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Financial Modeling

Operational Analysis

Customer Analysis

Services we provide include conducting financial modeling and valuation to demonstrate prospective viability for partnerships and investment in growth initiatives. We can also develop business insights through analyzing data of financial accounting, sales and marketing to optimize business processes.

Picture of consulting service: strategic planning


Business Strategy

Business Model Development

Marketing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Operation Management

Project Management

Services we provide include structuring business model development and go-to-market strategies to optimize pricing while sustaining competitive advantage. We can ensure strategy execution and business transformation through creating strategic roadmaps and conducting performance measurements. In addition, we will monitor key performance indicators according to each company’s business.

Picture of consulting service: business development


Business Growth

Business Innovation

Customer Journey Mapping

Product Development

Investor Relationship

Services we provide include identifying market needs with competitive business intelligence through conducting white space analysis, market sizing and customer analysis. Then, we’ll build a thorough understanding of potential developments and innovations through technology evaluation, new service and product innovation. In addition, we’ll continuously exploring market adjacencies.

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