About Us

Cre8tive Capital was started because we saw there wasn’t enough capital (human, financial, knowledge, social) devoted to helping diverse startups flourish. We were tired of seeing capital exhibit implicit or unconscious bias by only nourishing startups from certain educational, social, and demographic backgrounds. We believe that this is detrimental to not only our economy but to society as a whole because much needed innovations are not given the resources to flourish properly. 

    We believe that innovation and genius do not exist in silo and that with the right creative capital nourishment, even a 

“rose can grow from the concrete”.


Our Mission

Is to combine four dimensions of capital, including human, financial, knowledge and social, creatively and innovatively to furnish the development of diverse startups. 

Our Vision

Is that by supporting more diverse startups, this will create a wealth multiplier effect of increasing a more diverse ecosystem of angels, advisors, mentors, employees, and service providers.

Why Us?

We come alongside startup founders like a co-founder. Unlike our competitors, we understand founders’ struggles intimately, and we display a deep level of empathy and compassion when working with founders. We truly know how stressful and difficult it is to start a company. We take the time to deeply understand your vision and passion before we begin our work together. Once that work begins, we bring the same energy and passion as a co-founder and ensure that you feel supported on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Our Values

Diversity of Capital

We help to bring diverse capital (Human, Knowledge, Financial, and Social) to help ensure the success of the startups we work with. 


Creativity and innovative thought are at the forefront of how we approach our collaborative work with startup founders. 

Pride in Excellence

We take ownership and pride in our work. We set a high bar and sweat the details, holding ourselves accountable to the stretch goals, and objectives we have set. We have always been striving to get better.

Supporting the Tech Ecosystem

We have a mission-driven objective of supporting more diverse founders. We believe this will help furnish the growth of an ecosystem of more diverse angels, advisors, mentors, employees, and service providers.

“It’s when we take off the shackles of bias and allow the beautiful mosaic of diversity of thought and personhood to flourish that it can unlock humanities' full true innovative potential and free us from the challenges we face.”

Aaron Byrd

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